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TOPBUXUS Pheromone Refill for Boxwood Moth Trap

2 syringes (full season)
Refill for all Boxwood Moth Traps

The TOPBUXUS pheromone refill can be used in all funnel type moth traps. For use in the TOPBUXUS Moth trap and other moth traps with 2 pheromone containers: divide the contents of 1 syringe between the 2 containers.

For use in moth traps with 1 pheromone container: empty 1 syringe into the container.

Monitor Boxwood Moth activity

By monitoring the activity of the Buxus moth using the TOPBUXUS moth trapyou can easily predict when new Boxwood caterpillars will hatch in your Boxwood, so you can easily determine the right moment to apply a biological treatment against these caterpillars with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups® /XenTari®.

Decoy with a range of 200 square metres

TOPBUXUS Pheromones attract male Boxwood moths in an area of up to 200 square metres.

Instructions for use:
Assemble the moth trap according to the instructions on the box. Please note: you only use one syringe with attractant per 100 days! At the beginning of the season (early April), divide the contents of one of the syringes over the two baskets and place them in the trap. Then hang the moth trap in your garden near your Boxwood. Store the other yringe in a dark and frost-free place. Halfway through the season (approx. mid-July), when the first attractant is used up, divide the contents of the 2nd syringe over the two baskets and place them back in the trap. This way you can monitor the Boxwood Moth for an entire season, which makes it easy to determine the right moment to carry out a biological control with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups.

Monitor box moths:
The male moths are attracted by the pheromone and are caught in the trap. 2 weeks after the first sighting of moths in the trap, it is recommended to carry out a biological treatment against Buxus caterpillars with . TOPBUXUS Anti Rups.
This way you can control the Boxwood Caterpillarin a simple, effective and environmentally friendly way.

Safe for birds and bees:
With their very specific action and natural origin, pheromones are TOPBUXUS pheromones and TOPBUXUS Anti Rups harmless to important beneficial insects such as bees for pollination, insect predators and parasites used to control other insect pests. TOPBUXUS Pheromones and TOPBUXUS Anti Rups are also not harmful to humans, nature or the environment.

Store pheromones in a dark and frost-free place.
Method of use

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