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The TOPBUXUS Strategy for Obtaining

Strong and Healthy Boxwood

TOPBUXUS has developed, in cooperation with Wageningen University, through years of scientific testing at its own Buxus nursery, a strategy that makes Boxwood easy to keep strong and healthy. This strategy consists of 2 important factors:

- Making Boxwood stronger and more resilient
- Creating a hygienic environment around the Boxwood

Strong and Healthy Boxwood in 2 Steps

Creating a hygienic environment

By applying a layer TOPBUXUS Carpet under and around your Boxwood creates a clean environment around the plants. This mulch layer ensures that puddles do not remain during wet periods. Its soft structure also prevents TOPBUXUS Carpet also prevents splashing rainwater from getting back into the plant.

Monthly treatments with TOPBUXUS Health-Mix

If you also use this monthly from March to November TOPBUXUS Health-Mix your Boxwood stays strong and healthy.
TOPBUXUS Health-Mix is a foliar fertilizer that makes your plants stronger and more resistant to diseases and pests.

Pro Tip: When watering your Boxwood, try to keep plant leaves dry. Prolonged moist leaves, especially in combination with summer temperatures, create an unhealthy climate for your Boxwood. The dense structure of Boxwood ensures that the leaves do not dry quickly. Preferably water at the base of the plant, for example by using drip hoses.

Boxwood Healthy and Strong in 3 Steps

Foliar feeding with Health-Mix

Give all your Boxwood a treatment with TOPBUXUS Health-Mix to make the plants healthier and stronger.

Box Blight infection after a few weeks - affected leaves wither

Knock withered leaves out of the plant

About 2 weeks after the treatment with TOPBUXUS Health-Mix you will already see the plant become healthier.
Now it is important to clean the plants so that most of the dry leaves fall off, you can do this by hand or with the help of a hard broom. In this way the plants will get light and air to start recovering.
You can simply leave the fallen leaves on the ground.

recovering from Boxwood Blight Boxwood after beating and treating with TOPBUXUS Health-Mix

Repeat Health-Mix treatment

After patting out the plants, they will immediately look a lot nicer.
Now repeat the treatment again with TOPBUXUS Health-Mix. Continue to treat and coat the plants every month from March to November TOPBUXUS Carpet and you will continue to enjoy a strong and healthy Boxwood!

Repairing the damage of an

Bare Spot in your Boxwood

Using the step-by-step plan above, you can keep your Boxwood healthy and strong, thus preventing bald spots in your Boxwood .

Should one or more bare spots have appeared in your Boxwood , you can cut away the dead branches from the plants. You can check if there is still life in a twig by scratching away the bark with your fingernail. If the twig is still green inside, it is not dead yet and can still recover. If the twig is no longer green inside, it can be cut away to make room for healthy twigs. After cutting away the bald spots, the plants will regrow over time.

After this, you can follow the step-by-step plan for strong and healthy Boxwood so that your plants will always look beautiful from now on.