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About us

How did TOPBUXUS start?

In 1987 Adrie van Dun and his father Janus, owners of a family business in the tree nursery sector, decided to focus entirely on growing and trading Boxwood.
Under the brand name TOPBUXUS they started planting 30,000 rooted BoxwoodSempervirens cuttings. Until 2011 we have grown a total of about 12,000,000 Boxwoodplants on 50 hectares in Strijbeek, the Netherlands.

Where do all these plants go?

Mainly to large plant import and export companies and retail garden centre chains.

How was research done?

The knowledge of successful breeding solutions was gained through continuous testing.
In 2000 TOPBUXUS was asked to carry out field tests on behalf of the government.
The search was on to find soil improvers that would improve the overall resistance of Boxwoodand to combat Boxwood Blight. We started analysing the nutritional uptake of Boxwoodand the effect of organic and mineral fertilisers. At that time, we used the loose components of HEALTH-MIX in combination with traditional fungicides in the nursery.

Boxwood Blight

In 2008 Boxwood Blightstarted to have a negative impact on the Boxwood world. This was the trigger for us to develop a product for the consumer. In cooperation with Wageningen University, numerous experiments were carried out to determine the optimal dosage of the different components and the required treatment frequency. The optimum balance of the various components was finally found and presented in the form of an effervescent tablet. The components have a disinfecting effect, and they also soften the water so that the plant can absorb the components more easily. The laboratory tests were conducted under the ideal conditions for fungi: a warm, closed environment with high humidity. The results showed that during theblight season from May to November, a single treatment per month was sufficient. In July 2011, the HEALTH-MIX effervescent tablet was launched.
Four years ago we decided to stop using fungicides, unique in the world of Boxwoodnurseries!


TOPBUXUS professional products

Easy to use and available for use in private gardens.

Our complete nursery strategy has been translated into products available to all Boxwoodfans: Nurseries, landscapers, gardeners, castle gardens, cemeteries, public gardeners, consumers, and so on.

All have embraced the TOPBUXUS strategy.

Our motto: ENJOY YOUR Boxwood(again)!