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TOPBUXUS GROW - Fast-acting Fertiliser for Boxwood

Professional fertiliser especially for Boxwood

TOPBUXUS Grow is a basic fertiliser specially developed for Boxwood. It contains all the nutrients the plant needs in the right proportions.
Sprinkling extra lime is not necessary when using TOPBUXUS Grow.


TOPBUXUS Grow is absorbed directly by the roots of the plant

No yellow leaves

By fertilising your Boxwood 3 times per season with TOPBUXUS Grow you ensure that the plant receives all the nutrition it needs. This way it will retain its beautiful green colour, without yellow leaves.


TOPBUXUS GROW is a very fast-acting, professional basic fertiliser for Boxwood. It ensures strong plants with a deep green colour, without yellow leaves.

TOPBUXUS GROW contains all the nutrients your Boxwood needs, in the right proportions. Sprinkling extra lime is not necessary when you are using TOPBUXUS GROW

Boxwood needs extra nutrition especially when they are producing new leaves.
Therefore, use TOPBUXUS GROW 3 times a year: approximately mid April, mid June and mid August. In those periods, the plant needs a lot of nutrients that are quickly released (in contrast to the widely available slow-release fertilisers).

The most beautiful plants with an intense deep green colour contain a high level of sulphur. In the past, sulphur was much more abundant in the air (acid rain). In TOPBUXUS GROW a considerable amount of sulphur has been included to make up for this deficiency.

TOPBUXUS GROW is a pellet and should simply be sprinkled on the ground at the base of the plant. Do not sprinkle on the plant, as this can cause burning.

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