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TOPBUXUS Electric Sprayer 8L - Rechargeable

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Pumping no longer necessary

The TOPBUXUS Electric sprayers are very easy to use. With the press of a button, the device starts spraying, there is no need to pump to bring the sprayer to pressure.


The TOPBUXUS Electric sprinklers contain a rechargeable battery.

The 2L sprayer is easily rechargeable via USB (cable included)

The 8L comes with a separate charger.

Constant pressure

The sprayer works with an automatic pump, which keeps the pressure of the spray always the same, unlike manual sprinklers where you have to regulate the pressure manually by pumping.

Battery life of 2 hours

When the battery is fully charged, you can spray continuously for about 2 hours.

Easily spray your Boxwood with our high-quality rechargeable electric sprayer.
No pumping required, with the push of a button you can start spraying right away!
The adjustable spray nozzle ensures the finest spray and best working results.
With a full battery, you can spray continuously for 2 hours.
Charger included.