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TOPBUXUS Carpet - 70L for 5m2

Hygienic ground cover

Applying a layer TOPBUXUS Carpet underneath and around your Boxwood creates a hygienically clean environment around the plants in which diseases such as Boxwood Blight are less likely to develop.

100% guarantee against Box Blight in combination with TOPBUXUS Health-Mix

If you apply a layer of TOPBUXUS Carpet and treat your plants with TOPBUXUS Health-Mix monthly from March-November, your Boxwood has a 100% guaranteed protection against Boxwood Blight!

Prevents dehydration and ensures good aeration

TOPBUXUS Carpet creates an insulating layer on top of the soil, which prevents the soil from drying out quickly in dry periods, while also providing good aeration.


TOPBUXUS Carpet is highly decorative and aesthetic and is therefore an asset to your Boxwood garden

TOPBUXUS CARPET, in combination with TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX, is the definitive solution against Boxwood Blight!
TOPBUXUS CARPET is specially developed for use in Boxwood gardens.
TOPBUXUS CARPET creates a hygienic and clean environment for your Boxwood and gives a 100% guaranteed protection against Boxwood Blight when used in combination with TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX.
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